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Urban Lofts Las Vegas

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The Houston architect and developer Larry S. Davis' nickname "The Tin Man" stems from his signature design: loft townhouses sheathed in brightly colored corrugated steel.

The “Tin Man” Urban Lofts Townhomes has recently acquired property in Las Vegas's downtown district and plans to build more than 101 units in two project developments.

The Urban Lofts are designed for both professionals and empty nesters that work in the downtown area and are seeking a more urban lifestyle. Living near downtown will allow homeowners to avoid lengthy commutes and give easy access to everything going on in Las Vegas.

The Urban Townhomes will blend new construction, which is contemporary and urban in style, with that of high-rise office buildings downtown.

The units will be three-story, 2,000-square-foot house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, skylights, a two-car garage and a small yard. Price ranges start around $250,000.

Inside, the bottom floor is a treated concrete that can be stained cola or black, or left a natural gray, lending a chic industrial feel. The second floor is hardwood, and the third is carpeted.

The Urban Lofts' corrugated steel exteriors have proved perfect in hot climates and unlike stucco it won’t crack and won’t retain heat like brick buildings. Because of the metals reflective properties it will keep a lot of heat out and will be cool to the touch as soon as the sun sets. The intense blues, reds and other hues of the exteriors are baked onto sheet metal coated with a corrosion-resistant zinc-aluminum alloy and requiring little maintenance.

The Urban Lofts are already under construction.

 Eleventh StreetFremont Street
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